Reboot Podcast Episode #63 – Remember Who You Are – with Adi Mashiach

The Reboot podcast showcases the heart and soul, the wins and losses, the ups and downs of startup leadership. On the show, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Startup Leaders discuss with Jerry Colonna the emotional and psychological challenges they face daily as leaders.

Episode 63 // June 22,2017


Adi Mashiach

Adi Mashiach

Co-founder of Mesia Ventures

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Episode Description

Throughout his life, Adi Mashiach has been a brilliant student, a successful doctor, and has experienced two successful company exits. Along with his wife Mirella, Adi has stepped into the world of VC with the creation of Mesia Ventures. Having just moved to the United States less than a year ago with his family, Adi has started to feel the familiar pangs of belonging trying to break into new circles and begin building a new venture fund. Recently, Adi has begun to wonder how to live his passion for helping others, and how to fit in without losing himself in the fire (something he’s experienced twice before in his life).

In this episode, Jerry Colonna and Adi discuss how our intellect can help us figure out only so much in life, and how listening closely to our heart can reconnect us with the forgotten parts of ourselves that, once reclaimed, can sit beside us as we endeavor through life.

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Show Highlights

Top Quotes: 

“I don’t wanna be the glaze anymore. I don’t want anybody else to be a glaze for me. I want to help others make exquisite glaze but not by going into the fire.” – Adi Mashiach

“It’s not easy moving to a new country and breaking into a new circle.” – Adi Mashiach

“People try to fit you into boxes. I don’t know whether I should fit myself into a box so I will be understood.” – Adi Mashiach

“… behind everything is a wish for you to belong and to love the stranger who’s loved you all your life.” – Jerry Colonna

“It took me a lot of years to recognize that there is a stranger and letting that stranger love you, and you love that stranger back.” – Adi Mashiach

“You turned off parts of you, the powerful parts of you, though that’s what makes you unique in order to fit. And, you’re not being true to yourself.” – Adi Mashiach

“In doing that, you access a power of identity that is deeper than what our intellect has driven us. This is the curse of the high achievers.” – Jerry Colonna

“You’re trying to dodge that process and you don’t wanna face who is under that peel. And you will never be true to yourself, and you’ll never be happy and you’ll never feel the way you want to feel at peace.” – Adi Mashiach

“Know to put your ego next to you, not in front of you, not behind you. Don’t say you don’t have it. Put it next to you. It deserves its place, but it shouldn’t be in the driver’s seat.” – Adi Mashiach

“I just met myself, and I don’t want to lose that.” – Adi Mashiach

“How do I communicate who I am, my difference, my otherness? How do I make others see this as an advantage enough for them to say, “You know, I’m gonna back this guy?”” – Adi Mashiach

“Whose life do you need to save, but, but if not that little boy that’s a part of you? That little boy is the source of your creativity, your generosity, your frustration, your joy, your capacity to love. It is not the prodigious intellect, no matter how fucking smart you are. It’s that little boy.” – Jerry Colonna

“I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m always occupying my true self. I struggle with that. It’s a daily practice.” – Jerry Colonna

“What if our relationships weren’t merely about this sort of external thing? What if we came together in relationships to help each other grow, to help each other through that passage?” – Jerry Colonna

“Thank you for showing me myself and reminding me of who I forgot that I was.” – Adi Mashiach